(1938 - )
JACKY ROUSSELLE. Born May 8, 1938 in Caen, France. At the age of 16, he left France for Algeria where he started his first creations in Casting and Painting. He entered the “Beaux Arts” in 1957. He worked as a window designer with Paris-France Society in Algiers. After his military service, he oriented himself to the decoration of Porcelain and Ceramic. He returned to window designing in 1961. Back to France, he opened his Atelier La Musardiere in Rochefort du Gard, France. EXHIBITIONS: Galerie l’Atelier, Toulouse, France. Le Polygone, Montpellier, France. Galerie de la Petite Baronnie, Serrieres sur Rhone, France. 2nd Salon des Beaux Arts de Theran, France. 1st Salon des Beaux Arts de Petrols, France. Centre Culturel de Castries, France. Theologgia Gallery, London, England. Salon de l’Art Libre, Paris, France. Jeune Chambre Economique, Montpellier, France. Casino de la Grande Motte, France. Galerie du Littoral, Beziers, France. Foyer Culturel de Lattes, France. Collector’s Corner Gallery, Cliffiside Park, NJ , USA. Collector’s Corner Gallery, Cliffside Park, NJ, USA. Galerie de la Mandragore, Montpellier, France. Salle Arago, Perpignan, France. Galerie Karsenty, Monaco. Atelier la Musardiere, Rochefort du Gard, France. St Laurent des Arbres, Le Gard, France. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Centre Culturel de Maurin., France. Organized the Exhibition of Salvador Dali. Created set designs for various theatrical productions in France.